Thursday, October 30, 2008

Punch list making me punchy

David comes home tomorrow after two weeks away. Thank god! I can't wait to give him back all the day to day stuff with the final renovation details. The fireplace is still not in - electric, gas, sheetrock, channels, all ready now and the masons have just about finished the chimney. But the fireplace installer keeps coming - pointing out something that is not right - and going away again. He's supposedly coming at 11am tomorrow now. That's his last chance as far as I'm concerned. I already called Amanda's to complain about the delay. The good news is that the downstairs bathroom is done now and the hardware for all the closet doors came in. So tomorrow we'll be just about done with everything (she says cautiously!) besides the rest of the unpacking as you can see from the library shot. But I know you are all dying for some more pictures so here you go! The killer sunset this evening from my beautiful living room reminded me how grateful I am for all of this despite unfinished punch lists :-)

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