Friday, November 21, 2008

Chimney done, Fireplace installed

The scaffolding for the second chimney was dismantled before I left on my trip to Florida last week. It looks as wonderful as the first one of course, also built from the stones on our own property. They still need to come inside to do the stone around the fireplace but at least the fireplace is installed and working now. After the scaffolding was gone, the trucks came in to regrade the ground, level the piles. They can't seed for grass until spring now but it looks much much better than it did when I left. David's been hard at work while I was gone last week moving and storing bins and boxes downstairs. We've got more to do before the appraiser comes (cross your fingers that it comes in where it needs to for our loan) on Monday but things are looking great in here! We've been privy to some spectacular sunsets and it always reminds us why we did all this.

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