Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hand Railings to the guest suite

Railings to the guest suite are up and look beautiful. I got my first peek at the guest suite carpet too - needs to be vacuumed but the color works nicely. They've put finishing touches on - more trim around the doors, the range hood cover, and toe kicks in the kitchen. Tomorrow they'll cover the post in the living room and hang the track lighting there. Hopefully they'll also put up the screens since all the remaining living wasps in Columbia County came in today to get warm. My contribution today was to put my shoes in the shoe boxes - the wasps and ladybugs thankfully were not interested in the closet! We'll move furniture in tomorrow (maybe!) and over the weekend so our move in is truly within days. The COO is coming Tuesday but he said we could move in before that. Not sure I can do that until the bugs are gone and Barbara comes to clean on Tuesday but we'll see :-) Still need to get the guest suite bathroom installed but hot water is all hooked up. There is a spa bath in my very near future!!! And the laundry is piled up to capacity. How do you like my little laundry nook?

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