Wednesday, October 22, 2008

House warming Octovah fest!

Well we did it! What a difference a week makes! We got most of everything moved in and put away - lots up in the attic - in time to have 11 people over for a housewarming/"Octovah" Birthday fest. Christine Kane entertained us all and Tovah and Alan brought an amazing feast ... including a vegetarian delight of quinoa and squashes and a birthday cake for all the October birthday babies. We are an little October corner of the world here with an unbelievable 7 of 11 of us (including neighbors Tovah, David, Peggy, Alex, Eric and my friends Steve and Xiomara) celebrating. We had wonderful fellowship, laughter, sharing and feasting - it was a spectacular way to warm our home. So there's still a punch list going - but we're in and loving it. Unpacking will be happening for months. The PODS are supposed to be picked up Friday, second chimney work has started, front and side doors are getting finished, guest suite bathroom is still to be hooked up ..... we are still recovering from the long days and nights to get this far but we are thrilled to be back in and enjoying our dream home. Come visit!

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