Friday, October 24, 2008

PODs and Fireplaces

The PODs are gone!! Loretta and Paul helped me clear them out yesterday and they have been returned as of about an hour ago. When David gets back we have lots of moving up to the attic to do but at least everything is now in the house. It's quite the process watching them load the empty containers back on the truck. It's such a pleasant way to move ... all on our own time on both ends (packing and unloading). I may never do a traditional move again. Actually, I hope never to move again period!!! The fireplace saga continues. Apparently the unit we got which is most efficient and puts out a lot of heat has a different spec for installing than others and the wall is too deep ... with not enough clearance or something. They're ordering a ceramic part and a template for the stone to go around the curve of the front to accomodate stone. Poor TJ now has to sit in the nook there and fix it all on a 27 degree day. All should be finished up next week.

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