Friday, October 03, 2008

Front stoop, bathrooms and more

Wow wow wow!! Front stoop is delicious - using our own fieldstone and featuring the large stone from the underground railroad that the previous owner had in the old one. Water is hooked up as well as most of the appliances. The washer/dryer room is an extremely tight fit but I take after my mother and fold the clothes on the couch anyway so in this case, size really doesn't matter. I am just happy they fit in the nook!! The tile backsplash in the master bath is also beautiful as is the finished shower complete with goose neck arm and rain shower head. The french doors and glass side lights are nice in the library. And I love the lily pendant lights and sconces. The toilets, sink and lights in the powder room are now in but the mirror from Tim's that I had hoped to go in there is just too big. David's been working on the closets and pictures of those will be subject of the next post. We still have workman's dust everywhere but as you can see....also workmen! Hope to be living there soon.......

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