Sunday, October 05, 2008


Huge progress today! David finished up the closets and I moved most of my clothes in. And what's even more unbelievable is that there's plenty of room left!! David has become an expert Elfa Shelving installer after doing them for us in Dobbs Ferry and here. We moved in the red love seat so we could get at the bar stools and the drawer in the dresser that had the key to the other POD. I was able to open both PODs - especially that one that's been in storage for 2 years -and look inside today reminding me of what's actually in there! I wiped down the walls in the living room and hallway too and cleaned the dust out from all the drawers and cabinets. But best of all, I cleaned up our bedroom - threw all the construction mess out the door - and that will be our first place to make our own. They've got some more finishing work to do but they'll have to do it somewhere other than in our bedroom. Paul Trapanese will finish grouting the tile in the master bath and we think the shower doors should be coming this week too. So with any luck, when I get back from NYC on Wednesday I can sleep at the new house!!

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