Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thoughts About 9/11

The seventh anniversary. It is unbelievable that it has been seven years since the World Trade center buildings toppled and the pentagon was hit and the fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania. The memorial services were extremely touching today and many of those feelings from that day came back as we all remembered the victims. Our story? 9/12/01 was supposed to be David's and my first real date. And then the towers started falling down. David was still working for IBM then so we could communicate via our internal instant messaging system when the phone lines were all jammed....he was in Virginia and I was in White Plains so neither of us were in peril but close enough. The events of that day catapulted us past any artificial barriers to making a go of our new relationship - he talked me into letting him drive up to be with me and accompany me to two NYC friends' wedding in CT that weekend. We held each other and cried and comforted and grew through the realities of the day together. After that weekend, you couldn't keep us apart. Seven years later we're still going strong as are the victims families and America. An event the terrorists thought would bring America to our knees only succeeded in making us all stronger and more resilient.

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