Friday, September 05, 2008

Floors and finishing

The wood floor is all installed and are just beautiful with "picture frame" edges around the kitchen, the stairs down to the great room and the fireplace. Mike Wemitt will come back to sand and finish it next week. Paul Trapenese has the kitchen tile floor just about done too and looks great too. Jeff and TJ have been working on the window and door framing - their attention to detail is spectacular as you can see with our very own "carol maryl" showing one off. They've also finished the laundry chute flap and two way linen closet door. Today the master bath vanity top was delivered and the color is a great complement to everything in there. They didn't polish the stone on the edge near the tub though so it might have to go back if they can't do that on site. I popped my head into the old basement for the first time in awhile - the radiant heat panels and little Peerless Pinnacle heater are down there but much of what used to be in there is long gone (big oil tank, carpentry bench, etc.) Next week they will do the cut through the guest suite so we have an inside way to get to that side of the basement. David is driving down to the Container Store in White Plains today to get the hardware for the master closet. He'll install that himself. As big as it is, we can already tell there is not enough room for all my stuff :-)

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