Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chimneys, Grout, Painting and more!

More great work the past few days! Lights were done up outside the bedroom. The chimney extension is going up in preparation for the stone mason. Kitchen faucet hardware was installed. Window frames were installed and stained. The top to the master bathroom vanity came back with the right edge finished and the guys got it installed today. And the bedroom is finally getting painted once we settled on the right blue ("Exhale") - and it looks beautiful!! This shot is an early one of David trying to cover all of the other samples. One coat did it - this Aura paint from Benjamin Moore with primer built right in is the best. More floors were tiled and grouted - this is a view looking towards the front door from the kitchen and you can see the laundry room on the right. We've been looking all over for the stacking kit for the washer dryer and finally just ordered a new one from Kenmore. Late today, they dug the spot for the new front entrance - the excavator and cement guy will be by tomorrow to finish that and pour the foundation for the garage and breezeway.


Anonymous said...

Oooohhh....I just love your choice of tile! Sooo pretty!!

Me! said...

LOVE the tile work!!

Kathy said...

Thanks Hayley and me! We're loving them too!! It's Slate Solutions "Multicolor" on the floors and "Summer Wheat" in the bathroom.