Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finishing touches continue

Check out these finished wood floors! They told us they'd look great but not how much better even the old floors would look. Mike did a spectacular job. The first chimney is also done - it really came out beautifully, complete with some mossy stones for real character. They've finished framing the second chimney and the masonry will start on that next week. And our furniture has arrived! Two PODs worth!! I'm dying to get in there and remind myself what the heck is in that one from Albany but the key to it is now locked deep in the other POD. Oops. They've asked us not to put any furniture down until midweek next week. Darn! David is now painting the guest suite - using that dusky blue color we tried upstairs mixed with a quart of white to lighten it up a bit. We will ultimately tile in there but for now we're putting down Berber carpet. Schrader's is coming to measure on Monday and installation will be Wednesday we hope. We're going to check to see if we have enough tile from either the master bath or the hallway to do the guest suite bathroom floor also. To our untrained eye it looks like we do but we'll ask the tile guy next week. Jim's finishing up baseboards and railings and front stoop. Maincare is coming to hook up the gas wednesday too so COO should be able to happen shortly after that. And just to remind you all of our beautiful view and why we've gone to all this trouble - check out that color changing around the lake!

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