Thursday, September 18, 2008

Island Uba Tuba is in!

Phew! What a scary thing that was. I snapped a few pictures in the beginning but when the rollers started moving the wrong way I couldn't watch anymore and went out to the car to wait it out. But thanks to Jim and the guys the granite top for the island on and looking beautiful!! Plumber is there doing some final things, Paul is there finishing up the tile, electric guys are there hanging more lighting, the first chimney is nearly done. TJ is working on the post that will support the granite overhang and the rest of the finishing is happening. On my way back here, I passed MainCare who will hook up the propane tank so the ground can be put back. By end of day tomorrow everybody will be cleared out so Mike Wemitt can refinish the hardwood floors. I changed the PODS to be delivered there next Thursday. What's a week in the grand scheme of things? We'll be in soon enough.

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