Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fieldstone is our friend!

The stone looks amazing! I got to meet Frank and his crew today and they told me that fieldstone is always the best to use. We are truly lucky to have had so much of it on our property. Frank confirmed there is plenty for both chimneys and the facing on the wall leading down to the guest suite. The concrete is poured and sealed. Electric is hooked up and working - it was so neat to see our beautiful light from Tim's that we've had for at least three years finally on!! Ceiling fans are installed. The propane tank is buried, trench dug, and Maincare has been called to come hook it up. More finishing work is underway inside and Paul is coming back to finish the tiles on the bathroom walls. The appliances have all showed up too. Jim's also working on the design for the front stoop and I'm meeting with the glass door guy to choose and measure for the master bath shower. We'll still have the PODs delivered Saturday but it looks like we won't get the COO for another week. Mike still has to refinish the floors and everyone has to be out of there for him to do it. That's the way it goes I guess. At least the PODs are packed and ready to go.

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