Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4 - Thirteen Things for Which I am Most Grateful

Thirteen Things for Which I am Most Grateful

Wow! Our first year wedding anniversary was August 11th! We just got back from the wonderful Sagamore resort on Lake George where we spent an extended weekend enjoying the spa, the golf, the wine, the food and of course each other. In reflecting on it all this week, it occurred to me that it was about time I did a Thursday Thirteen post on the Things for which I am Most Grateful

1. The universe for allowing David and I to find each other when we were both finally ready

2. Our friends and family for supporting each of us along the journeys that brought us to this point

3. The jobs that allow us to live a comfortable life here in Ghent with the occasional decadent splurge like this weekend at the Sagamore

4. Having someone with whom to share all of this that feels the same way I do

5. Our health so that we can enjoy every morsel of what blessings have been bestowed on us

6. The four seasons of glorious weather we experience here highlighting the power of nature's ability to renew itself

7. Living in an environment that inspires our creativity and shines light on the creativity of others

8. God's grace which is evident every day, all the time

9. The angels performing miracles all around us (many of whom are blogging, artist, author and musician angels that might not even realize how many lives they touch in deeply profound ways)

10. The interconnectedness of everyone and everything and the ability to feel that

11. The ability to turn that TV off!

12. The ability to turn that A/C on!

13. The beauty of diversity in all things

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Suprina said...

Congrats on your first year of marriage.
Great TT!

Shannon said...

Beautiful TT! You have a lot to be happy about. :) Especially the AC right now! :P

Milan - zzz said...

Oh I like #11!
I've done that 10 years ago and it's still happily "Off" :)

Mine TT is up as well :)

Lori said...

Its always nice to give thanks and to have things to be thankful for:) Happy TT.

Kathy said...

Suprina - thanks! It's a little mind blowing!

Shannon - yes we do!! And I love your TT13 puzzles!!

Milan - good for you! I wish I had the will power to keep it off!! Interesting post on of the places I haven't been yet.

Lori - it was uplifting to write them down. I keep meaning to start a grateful journal ...maybe this will be the start of it. Fun post on Homework, by the way!

No Nonsense girl said...

Congrats on your first wedding anniversary. Isn't it romantic to finally find the right person. :) Long live your love!!!!

Great ThrusdayThirteen!!!