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Thursday Thirteen #3 - 13 Favorite Kid Quotes

Thirteen of our Favorite Kid Quotes

There's nothing like what comes out of the mouths of babes to make you realize what's really important. Although we have no children of our own, besides David's nearly 30 year old son, we are blessed with two wonderful nieces and two amazing nephews that keep us on our toes and laughing all the time. As they were growing up and learning how to communicate, they've said some of the most hysterical and rather poignant things. In our family, their words live on long after they've grown out of them. I've captured our 13 favorites here.

1. "Good job catapillar!"
  • Emily Age 2 - after watching a catapillar crawl all the way from one side of a bench to the other, mimicking her mother who often positively reinforces her own behavior with the same words
2. "It's ok dad, I'm not one of the nerbus people"
  • Tommy Age 4 - after getting a pep talk from Aunt Cindy along with some worry dolls prior to going in for surgery.
3. "David, you are NOT innocent"
  • Emily Age 8 - after turning around to see who threw something at her to see David pretending he was not involved
4. "We saw lots of rockets, but no Kennedys"
  • Tommy Age 5 - describing his visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida
5. "That's ok, no one knows what a Kennedy is anyway"
  • Emily Age 7 - her response to Tommy's comment in #4 after all the laughter died down
6. "Baby Jee and Mah Joe too"
  • Emily Age 2 - her description of the Holy Family
7. "They're not birds yet, they're just skin"
  • Daniel Age 4 - describing the newly hatched robins in the nest outside his kitchen window
8. "Dad, dad, back up. What's an event?"
  • Tommy Age 6 - after his dad had told them how exciting it was that they were about to witness an important event and a lengthy description of what a solar eclipse was
9. "Wow, Aunt Kathy sure has a lot of shoes!"
  • Tommy Age 4 - settling down to sleep in our bedroom and looking into our closet with a hanging show bag with just 40 pairs of my extensive collection hanging there.
10. "You need a different pair of shoes for every day"
  • Emily Age 4 - after lining up 10 different pairs of her own shoes during play with Aunt Kathy and the Playmobile families they were taking on a pretend ten day vacation. (a girl after my own heart!!)
11. "No wifes!"
  • Tommy Age 3 - when I tried to put the queen character into the Playmobile castle David and I built for him for Christmas that year.
12. "Here me go!"
  • Daniel Age 2 - prior to fearlessly throwing himself down the hill on a new Christmas sled next to all the bigger kids
13. "Cee Cee, will you please stop talking to me?!"
  • Tommy Age 3 - trying to take a nap in his car seat but being asked all sorts of questions by his Auntie Cee Cee thinking she was keeping him creatively occupied during a long car ride.

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The Rock Chick said...

Oh, what a fun list! Having four kids of my own, we've had some doozies in our house, too, including my favorite "I love the Rice, but I hate the Ronis" regarding the rice a roni I made for dinner one night!

Thanks for the smiles!
Happy TT!
Jessica The Rock Chick

Kathy said...

By the way, if you like the graphic I got it from Samulli at

He has generously shared all of his great graphics with the community....and has a really great blog. Go visit!!

Makita said...

Precious! I love it! I'll have to remember this list idea for a future T13. :)

Kathy said...

Rock Chick - we have just been laughing out loud over the Rice-a-roni might become a new favorite!! Kids are just too funny!!

Makita - let me know when you post yours....we live for this stuff!

Dana said...

That was so cute!

Misty Dawn said...

These are fantastic! I have a book full of quotes from kids that have influenced my life too! Love this!

Stacey said...

Oh this is gorgeous! I could kick myself for not keeping a notebook of quotes when my son was little.