Sunday, July 23, 2006

News from The Independent

The Independent is one of the very local newspapers serving our area. We thought we would share some of the really good stories. The best story to share was about the miscreant boys putting frogs in cars in the town of Ancram. It was a terrible crime wave. We saved the story, and when we find it again, we'll post it. This week's news: Cibus the rooster.

The story, on the front page, begins by describing life in rural Columbia County as idilic with, "...more encounters with cows than people..." It continues, "Somewhere along the way, things changed in the Land of Rural Charm..." and then begins to tell the story of Cibus the rooster who, "... Just over a year old, his young chicken life has been stuffed with trauma and crime... "

Please, please, please read the Full Story

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