Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Getting Started

I have been commenting on Christine Kane's blog for a while, trying it out, stretching my writing muscles. Christine finally kicked me out of the nest ... well kicked is little strong.

We all seem to quote Mark Twain at the start, "When in doubt, tell the truth." The Mark Twain quote I use most often is, "I am an old man, and I have had many troubles, most of which have never happened." It's as if the association with Twain makes us good writers. I don't have an agenda, though I do have a few ideas. I don't want to be another Stephanie Klein or one of the myriad of other people writing about the day-to-day (D2D) of their lives. Stephanie has the market cornered.

Ghent Fever has become a permanent affliction. The other house My Intended owns is under contract, and soon to close. Our house in Ghent is on 4 acres, with a Westerly view of the mountains. There is a small lake on the property, shared by several adjacent owners. It is a soulful place that helps put all the stuff out there in perspective.

There is a House Wren that has taken up residence on the back deck. He starts chirping to declare his territory very early in the morning. He raised a family in the corner of the roof earlier this summer. He might be the same guy who raised a family in the same place last year. Two days ago I put out a hummingbird feeder after a hummer had come up to the large window in the living room and stared at me for while as if to say, "excuse me ... Ahheemm". I went to, got the recipe, learned I had purchased the WRONG bird feeder, and put it out anyway. 30 minutes later the tiny visitors started, and they have been pretty regular since. I know this seems like D2D, my life, blah, blah ... and my point is putting out a bird feeder, and starting a blog are both chances based on hope. You hope someone comes by to visit and finds something there that is a little nourishing.

Be well.


Kelsey said...

Hi David! I have also posted on Christine's blog, though not a frequently as you. My blog is mostly about raising my 1-year-old, and it's available to anyone, but mostly intended for family and friends who live far away.

Anyway. . . your place by the lake sounds heavenly! Being firmly rooted in suburbia (and mostly not minding, it is often hard to get away from the "stuff." A

I enjoyed your first post and I'll stop back for more.

David Jackson said...

kelsey, thanks for stopping by. You have one of the most important jobs around - being a mom!

ChristineKane said...

Damn. I thought I'd be the first comment. Sigh.

D2D is fine to write. Anything is fine to write. Just don't be a perfectionist. It's like Morning Pages. Only it feels like everyone's watching!

Congrats! I didn't kick you out, btw. I just offered my suggestions!

David Jackson said...

I didn't feel kicked out either. More like the baby birds when mom decides it's time for them to leave the nest.