Thursday, July 13, 2006


Everyone needs lots of dens. Dens are how my 3-year old nephew refers to "friends" but David and I have adopted the term even though we are adults. My nephew got the whole thing started when my sister went into her bedroom to find him sitting in the middle of her pile of stuffed animals. "Daniel, what are you doing?" she asked. He looked up and said "I'm just ditting here with my dens." In our adult(?) vernacular, dens can be sisters, lovers, pals, birds, pets, angels, stuffed animals...anything that makes you feel less alone in the world. And you need different dens for different reasons at different times. Sometimes you want the dens to talk back, sometimes you just want to hug on (a.k.a. smoosh) them. So my advice to everyone reading this blog is surround yourself with lots and lots of dens and know that you are not alone!

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