Friday, August 01, 2008

Fastest sheetrockers in the east!

Check it out! The sheet rock is basically finished after just two days. They've still got some taping and finishing work to do but the upstairs is coming together. It's amazing to step inside the rooms now - they feel like real rooms now that the walls are filled in. They can't sheet rock the guest suite until the electrician and plumber finish their work down there but that will come in the next week or so provided Jim can shake them loose from their other commitments for a bit. The cement guy is working to finish the breezeway/garage foundation too. Today we picked out vanity and mirror for the master bath - a beautiful shaker style cabinet with a double sink, inset glass doors and lovely wrought iron hardware. Jim and David finalized the plan for the tile last week and our tile guy will get to work shortly. We still need to work on that lighting but that will have to wait until we get back from our business trips next week. We think the kitchen cabinets are coming in August 18th and Jim's putting two crews on to finish things up once that happens so with any luck we really will be back in at the end of August.

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