Sunday, August 17, 2008

Closing in on finishing

Sheet rock has been taped and guest suite done - next week they will sand and prime, paint, and the wood flooring and tiling will begin. Sinks, faucets, vanity and fixtures will all be delivered next week as well as the kitchen cabinets themselves. Once the cabinets are in, the granite guy will come do the template for the counter and take the sinks back with them to cut the perfectly sized holes. In addition, the concrete guy will pour the floors for breezeway and garage and the fieldstone from the back will be brought up. This next two weeks may be the busiest ones yet as multiple crews are called in to crank away on the finishing work. We're choosing colors for the walls - so far we are leaning towards a plum color like "merlot" for the wall that includes the kitchen and a dusty green of some sort for the rest of the room. Most of the lighting has also been chosen but just needs to be ordered. It's all getting close - we're still hopeful that we'll get back in over Labor Day weekend.....keep your fingers crossed!!

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