Friday, August 01, 2008

As we drain all of our savings to pay for the end of the project things are getting a little scary - waking up in the middle of the night, etc. I read my singer-songwriter friend Christine Kane's blog this morning (as I often do before starting the workday) and it hit straight and to the point on "How to Have a Great Day". If you don't already check out her blog, I highly recommend it. And order a CD or two while you are at it! On her blog, she shares so many practical tips on everything you need to live life in the best way, to be successful, to combat your fears, to build your courage, to stay positive, things you can learn from your pets, and so much more!! And she does it with humor and candor and from personal experience. Some of my classic favorites: At the beginning of the year, Christine suggests instead of a New Year's Resolution, you have a Resolution Revolution - choose a word for the year and use it as a mantra. Mine is "abundance" and it helps when writing those checks to contractors or to quell the money fears that keep me up at night. I also love her post on How to Get off the Hamster Wheel and Get on with Life.

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