Friday, May 02, 2008

Scotland Adventures

Ok, so we need a quick break from renovations to talk about our trip to Scotland. What a wonderful green place with landscapes to die for, the nicest people, the yummiest food (yes we tried haggis), unbelievably amazing art and buildings, the cutest lambs - and lots of them - and great shopping! I had my first experience with single malt whisky (they do not call it scotch there or spell it with an "ey" at the end) on the Isle of Islay (pronounced eye-la) along with Dave and Jan....our new Canadian friends. I had no idea there was as many varieties as wine (almost) and each has such different characteristics. Where we were they pride themselves on the peatiness of their product - we saw fields and fields of peat and got to tour a couple of distilleries (Lagavulin and Bruichladdich) to see the process and taste their wares. We'll post all 500+ pictures and post a link soon but here are some beauties to tide you over......

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