Friday, May 02, 2008

And when we returned from our Scottish Adventures - we came home to this! A finished and capped roof, windows going in, plumbing getting laid out, and more plans for us to approve on the guest suite. Jim says that although our rainy March put them behind, they've pretty much caught up in April and we're still on track to move back in sometime in July he thinks. Siding is ordered and will go up next. Now that we made our decisions on the layout of the stairs leading down to the guest suite and how the bathroom will lay out, he'll get the plumber back in to finish all that up as well as the electrician. Then they can get to work on the inside in earnest. He's got us checking with the mason and the tile man now, choosing our fireplace, and soon all the kitchen stuff. It's all very exciting. Not sure if I'll sleep tonight - although the jet lag might just supercede any sleeplessness.

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