Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pretty Shingles!

Our new roof is all completed and shingles are going up! In parallel, the plumbing is going in and soon our new tub will be installed. Jim said they might have to carry up buckets of water from the lake for me to use it right away but believe me, I'm considering it :-) The windows have been ordered and we've picked Parchment color Hardyboard cement siding with white trim - exactly what Jim uses on his own house. If you look closely you can see some flecks of yellow in those shingles. Parchment is a very light yellow (my favorite color!) and should be stunning for our renovated dream home. We're told the bees and wasps won't be able to build hives behind it like they did with the old vinyl siding. That will be a welcome change to our life style and pocket book. When they took that siding off, there were more hives than we thought but it explained why we saw so many....despite the pest control treatments.

David is already in Scotland and I am joining him on Monday night. There won't be any updates for awhile but it will be exciting to see how much is done when we return. Now that the weather has turned nice, Jim thinks they'll quickly catch right up after the third wettest March on record which caused some delays. He's still predicting we'll be back in by July. We can't wait and are already planning a big renovation warming party.

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