Sunday, April 13, 2008

Almost time for shingles!

Wow! What a difference a week and a half makes! They've nearly finished tying in the roof, more of the windows have been cut, the shingles come next and the sheet rock has been measured. Can we move back in yet? And check out the daffodils emerging from the rubble! David was in atlanta last week teaching a class while I was in Chicago for a team meeting, then met my sisters in Arizona for our First Annual Sister Spa weekend, finishing up my week in San Francisco at a conference. David and I met back at the apartment I share in NYC over the weekend and he's now off to Chicago. I'm back up in Ghent for two days and then off to Chicago myself. David leaves Thursday for Scotland and I will join him there on the 22nd with a quick stop back in Ghent in between. Are you dizzy yet? We are!

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