Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Best Days in the Winter

Every February brings two special days, Valentines Day and Kathy's Birthday. For many of the rest of the gang, October is the big month, but bring on the middle of February and Kathy is in heaven.

This year I traveled back from the U.K. on Valentines Day and we had dinner in New York City. Steak for two and a yummy Brunello. I did bring dark chocolate home with me, so we had dessert for several days.

A few days after Valentines is THE Birthday of the year. No one I know looks forward to a birthday like Kathy - well - maybe our neighbor Tovah, but then she takes a whole month. Octovah. I decided to keep it simple this year and we headed to our favorite local place, Swoon Kitchenbar. Our friends at Swoon take very good care of us. It is said that Jeff only has a few bottles left of a favorite 2004 French Burgundy, Chambolle-Musigny. Thanks to the generosity of his staff we had one of them to make our birthday dinner very special. Thanks Jeff!

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