Monday, February 11, 2008

Well, Well, Well!

Just two weeks of travel have gone by (and an illness or two) and more great things have been done at 271 despite some nasty winter weather while we were gone. We have a new well - nice and deep this time 250 ft vs our original 100 ft one and farther out from the house. See it there on the far left - outside the new master bedroom (beyond where the old mud room was)? First they moved all the ground around with huge dirt/slate moving machines, dug the trench and got things flowing which will help the construction effort. Then they leveled the ground, filled in the holes with all those little bits of dirt and slate, took down those trees that weren't doing well anyway, framed in the floor of the master bedroom and it's starting to feel like it's going to look nice again someday when the topsoil goes back down. They've also now done more of the framing the walls of the guest suite - see that sliding glass door and windows on either side? What a view of the lake for all of you that come to visit from the comfort of your own bedroom! We're taking donations if anyone wants to contribute to the cause ;-)

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