Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Major excavation today!

Well I got over there just before sunset today and continue to be amazed at how much they're getting done! Can't you just see that walk out guest suite/office basement back there?! And how about that view?! They've dug out the huge septic tank which will be moved and reburied and put some sort of house-wrap up. (How they did that on this windy windy day - now THOSE might have been some good photos!) It's so exciting to see this all unfold before our very eyes - and with the weather cooperating things are moving quickly. There was a glitch with the lumber they ordered for framing so concrete might not get poured tomorrow but at least the excavator isn't hitting any big patches of rock they can't handle yet. I'm off to Chicago tomorrow and David's in Boston so no more pictures until the weekend. At this pace, it might be ready for us to move back in by then! :-)

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olivia said...

Very exciting Aunt Kaffrey! I can't wait to turn the walkout/guestsuite into my own princess room! XOXO Olivia