Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Digging Has Begun!

Oh my gosh!! This is only the second week of the project and so much has been done already! The whole house is cleared out inside - floor boards, bathroom fixtures, doors and insulation preserved for use in the new part - decking, siding and sheet rock removed - and best of all the digging has begun! Right around Christmas we had a couple big storms that dumped lots of snow but rather than that hurting our project, it helped protect the ground from freezing making excavation possible. This week we are having a winter heat wave - 60 degrees and counting - so that has made things even easier. Our excavator thinks we'll be ready to pour concrete starting Thursday. The guys are great - very respectful and dedicated - most of them local to Ghent - and our GC, Jim, calls in almost every day with an update. As frustrating as the delays have been, all of this was of course meant to be and Jim thinks we'll be back in by July. Soon we'll have to start making all the endless decisions - counters and tiles and floors and cabinets and appliances and lighting and and and. .... but for now we're revelling in the fact that it has all started and there's an end in sight.

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