Sunday, January 13, 2008

Concrete Pouring!

The concrete footings have been poured, the roof shingles removed, and the west wall prepared for demolition. David got home Friday late so we didn't get over there until Saturday but wow wow wow! It's cool too that our neighbor Steve is working on the project....have I said yet how small a world this is up here in Columbia County? Our Fowler Lake Road neighbors say the guys were there early all week which is how so much is getting accomplished of course. So far so good on tracking to estimated timings. Plans signed and approved when Jim said they would be, excavation begun right on time, concrete poured on the day they planned. With any luck this is indicative of how the whole project will go! Cold weather moves back in this weekend so we'll see what that does to the progress but I've got great confidence in the guys! I'm furiously reading up on kitchens, bathrooms, applicances, renovating tips, because it won't be long until the myriad of decisions will have to be made on all of that stuff. What a year this is going to be!

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