Sunday, February 21, 2010

Giving Thanks

It was hard to know where to begin on this Upword. There are so many things for which I give thanks. I am finally keeping that gratitude journal that Christine Kane and other coaches recommend and it truly is phenomenal to reflect on and write down five things I am grateful for each day ending every day on such a positive note. Reading back through them gives me so much joy.

Lori Koop
was asking for something a bit different though last week.She wanted us to reflect on what we thanked OURSELVES for. At first this didn't feel quite right to me. However it rang some bells and reminded me of posts I had recently read.

With the level of interest this topic is getting, it seems like this is something too few of us do but would benefit from doing more. The more I thought about it, I realized that if we aren't loving ourselves first, we block our ability to fully love others.

Emily Long, another UYB colleague and amazing poet in her blog Healing Pages had perhaps one of my favorite posts on the topic called "Gratitude for the One Person Often Overlooked." Like me, Emily reflects in her piece that "When the thought of putting myself on my list first popped into my head, I hesitated. It seemed a little self-centered or narcissistic to say I was grateful for myself."

I was right there with her. I thank everybody all the time and was actually excited to start a gratitude journal as part of Uplevel Your Life program homework. We all get so many blessings from the universe every single day that pulling out the top five is sometimes difficult for me, a 7 or “the enthusiast” on the enneagram. But putting me on the list? That wasn't even something I've even contemplated...until now.

Coincidentally, Tonya Leigh Williams, my fabulous life coach, has also asked us to reflect on this in her blog this month and has even come up with a fabulous free “A Girl After Her Own Heart” tool. Two of her morals on this self love lesson really resonated with me:

* You cannot expect someone else to recognize what you don’t see in yourself

* Self-love is the best gift you can give yourself and the world

Another one of our UpLevel Your Business colleagues and friend Stacey Curnow also recently had a great post called "Write a Love Letter to Yourself in 3 Easy Steps." Stacey remarks that when we don't focus on loving ourselves first, we aren't likely to be serving others from a place of joy and grace but instead from one of sacrifice and suffering.

Ok! Ok! I'm a believer now! It's important to be grateful to me too and appreciate the gifts I give myself and others.

So here goes – I thank myself for

* living, eating and drinking consciously
* always showing up with a positive attitude
* being there for my husband, sisters, neighbors, and knowing when to say no so I can still be there for me
* giving myself the space to let my creativity flow
* investing in myself with Uplevel Your Life and Luscious Lean Living programs as well as hiring Tonya Williams as my life coach this year
* caring enough about myself to get healthy, start an exercise program, go for regular checkups
* being open to the possibilities
* breathing
* creating this warm, beautiful environment we call home
* adopting my wonderful dog, Islay Bear, from Westie Rescue
* giving myself the gift of yoga
* establishing and focusing on keeping worthwhile connections strong in life and business
* following through with self-publishing White Dog Haikus and launching my writing career
* filling my home and body with healthy foods
* the courage to eliminate things I have saved that no longer serve the me I want to be

What do you give yourself thanks for today? This week? This year?


tammy vtiale said...

This is harder than I thought - started two times!...Ok - I thank myself for my 2 rescue Pugs, for being a good Nana; for making room in my life to grow as much as I can in my creative self and my business; for making space to learn new things.

Stacey said...

I give BIG thanks for YOU, my dear friend! I love your writing - so full of humor, candor and insights - SO much. You are ALWAYS so supportive and encouraging to everyone else, I am thrilled that you are extending some of that love more fully to yourself. Much love to you! Stacey

amy grimes said...

We are so lucky to be part of such an amazing group of cool peeps! I am grateful to myself for taking the plunge and committing to doing something for me via UYL/ UYB It started a process that continually amazes me!

Love the gratitude journal. When I looked through mine at the end of last year - I wondered how anyone could think it was a "bad" year when I had page after page after page of good things :-)

It made my heart happy to read this entry. Thank you for putting it out there for us all to benefit from!

Kathy said...

Stacey and Amy - thanks for the great encouraging comments. It is a little scary putting it all out there like this but I know I am growing through it all and if it helps inspire even one other person then it has all been worth it!

Kathy said...

Tammy - bravo!! I found it really hard to do at first also. But as they all said it would, the list keeps growing.

Ursula said...

Kathy, you are such a delight - i am always so pleased to see your notes/emls/posts, as I know it will be something nourishing for the soul. Thank you!
Also, like Amy, i am so grateful for UYL/UYB and the ongoing transformation that has happened as a result of doing that work, and connecting with such amazing peeps.
Thanks for the opportunity to put that out there!

Kathy said...

Ursula - how nice to see your post on my blog!! You are always so generous with your comments on other people's stuff and it is so uplifting. Your photography is wonderfully soulful and I can't wait to see the next batch. I wish you all the best in continuing to uplevel your business and can't wait to see everyone again in the fall.

tonyaleigh said...


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this list. And I heart you and your tenacity. Seriously, woman, you are rocking your life, and I am so honored to witness it.



Kathy said...

Tonya - thanks for the encouragement, the inspiration and the role model! Your are rocking your life too!!