Monday, July 07, 2008

Electric and Cement

It was a big family week last week - baby Lucy Keniry was born in Boston and Kathy met all the Southerland clan in Belton TX! Pictures of all of that coming soon. Not too much looks to have gotten done while we were away but really it did. The electrical outlets and recessed lighting boxes are all in, the concrete was poured in the basement and more of the siding got put up. We haven't spoken to Jim since we've been back but are expecting a new estimate on when we'll be finished enough to get the COO (Certificate of Occupancy) and be able to move back in....with or without kitchen cabinets! We might move the deck, the finishing of the guest suite and garage/breezeway into a later phase or David's going to solicit help from the neighbor in finishing it himself. I tend to think we'll be going with the former since David's consulting gigs seem to be picking up but who knows.....anything is possible!

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