Sunday, July 27, 2008

Finishing work has begun

Jim has been cracking the whip on everybody to get them moving on the finishing so we can get back in the house. As soon as the electrical inspection was done the insulation began immediately and is going in fast. It was amazing how quiet it was in the rooms where it had been nearly completed. Sheet rock has been delivered and that will go up this coming week. Jim made sure that the sheet rock folks knew exactly where to stuff and where not to stuff - such as around the windows that will be finished in wood and in the shower shelf nook that will be tiled. Temporary stairs have been built to the guest suite - these will ultimately be done in oak. And Jim showed us around the excavation for the breezeway and garage. We decided to reuse the pretreated cedar decking materials that are in good shape from the old deck (which Jim actually built for the previous owner!!) This will save us money over getting all new materials of course and we feel like we're doing our part for environment as well. Our own field stone for the chimneys and reusing our old decking and flooring where possible. Yesterday we picked our granite countertop - uba tuba it's called. Flooring guys (slate solutions tile and five inch birch wood) are ready to go once the sheet rock is done. We still need to pick all the lighting and bathroom fixtures....but it's feeling like we might actually get back in there within a month!!

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