Monday, March 24, 2008

Great Room takes shape!

The inside is looking more and more like what we designed now that they've taken out the old interior walls. David calls it a cavern! I'm still not sure if all the furniture in the PODs waiting for us in Albany is going to fit in our new dream home but I can at least envision both leather couches and a nice big dining room table area in there. In these photos, you can get a sense for how high the roof is now in comparison to the old one. The first three of these photos are taken with my back to the street side of the house - where the new library will be. The last one of the guys working on the master bedroom roof was taken with my back to the lake. This week they will be working to tie them in and finish the roof. We picked shingles last week - our first bit of color. Windows were ordered last week and that will be the next big thing they work on. We're still hoping for move in day to be early July.

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