Wednesday, July 04, 2007

House makeover - Before

Many of you may know that we are renovating our house in Ghent, NY. To make it easy to follow that action, I will make updates to our blog to show how bad the fever has gotten. Here are the before pictures.

This is the south side of the house that will be extended to make the master bedroom. We are planning lots of closet space for shoes.

This is the West side of the house that we are planning to extend and make into the living room. A guest bedroom will be added as a walk-out below the living room.

We have been working with Bill Wallace of Wallace Design for the architectural phase of the renovation. We have refined the plans in preparation for bids from contractors. Bill has been a tremendous help in refining our desires down to what is doable in our budget. Of course, the phrase that starts with, "we might as well ..." will impact the budget and the timetable.

We have rented a house close by and we will move all of our things to the rental house while the renovation is underway. It will make Kathy's life a lot easier while working from home, we will be out of the way of the contractors, and it will ensure that our furniture stays clean. I had forgotten how difficult moving is, and getting the rental house ready has its own challenges.

We are very excited about this work, and we would like to fast forward to have it all complete tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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