Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One third full

Glass of Red Wine
Today was 11 out of 33 radiation treatments. I am one third of the way through! And yes, I am celebrating that!

Until now I haven't really had any noticeable side effects but it's definitely starting to take it's toll. I realized that I can't drive up and down to NYC twice a week and have any energy left over for anything else....like the work I am driving down there to do for instance. I have to drive because the train schedule is not conducive to making a 3:15 appt (the last one of the day.) So mother nature is once again banging me over the head to tell me to slow down. To work from home more, prioritize things and go down once a week instead of twice a week until this is all over.

It's forcing me to ask for help too, something I have not typically been very good at. For my early morning appointments I ask David to drive me up and back. I am going to bed by 9pm these days too and taking a nap or two during the day when I can so he's doing most of the household stuff too. Thank god for a strong support network!!

So I am counting my blessings that things are rolling right along and keeping focused on that my treatment glass is 1/3 full! And I am doing as much as I can to make sure I am treating my body as well as I can as it's being barraged with radiation. I am taking probiotics, calcium, magnesium, fish oil and flax oil and doing my Qigong cancer fighting energy exercises. I have started drinking a barley grass cocktail every day, am eating healthy, using my new living water sticks and getting regular massages. I have connected with a holistic doctor at St Peters and hope to start some acupuncture soon as well. During every treatment I think about those radiation beams as a healing light coming directly from heaven through the machine to me. The tiredness is not unlike what you feel after a day at the beach. Nothing that a little extra sleep won't fix.

Before you know it, it will be Sept 20th when I'm done with all this!

Thanks for walking this journey with me. I can feel you all right here beside me!


Jim Gross said...

Love how you are moving through this, Kathy. That middle of the journey plateau can be kind of, what: old, taxing, boring----but you have a firm vision of how rewarding the destination will be. And it will be more than just a cancer free body. With you . . . --jim. Ollie sends a zillion licks.

Kathy said...

Thanks Jim - it does feel sort of like a plateau right now. Mundane, every day sort of stuff but as you say, the rewards are on the other end. And I can feel Ollie's lizard breath licks from here! Dog kisses are very healing. Even the thought of them :-)

Stacey said...

Hey Kathy!

As always, I love hearing about your journey. I'd love for you to show me your Qigong cancer-fighting energy exercises when you come to the retreat in October! Thanks again for sharing your light in the world! Muchlove, s

Kathy said...

Thanks Stacey! And I'm happy to share Qigong movements. The Chinese have been using these for centuries with much success!

julie said...

kathy ~
i'm with you on the healing doggie kisses - keep taking mega-doses of these! i'm thinking of you happy and healthy and basking in the light!