Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's Aha Moment

I am finally doing Christine Kane's Uplevel Your Life Program - I am on Day 18 of 49 wonderful days of it. When I started it I knew I would get some useful systems, tools and techniques because I already get some of those from Christine's blog posts and ezine and I knew this program had them in even more depth and would fire me up to do them one step at a time. But I was skeptical that I'd get any real aha moments. I kind of knew what was in there being a groupie all these years. Boy was I wrong!

Today's lesson is about Being the thing that you most want. My "word of the year" is SUCCESS so I supposed to Be Success. I'm supposed to start thinking thoughts that successful people think and feeling as I already am successful. Hmmmm....this is exactly what my weight loss coach has been telling me too. This means I have to stop old habits and look at things from a new perspective, find a new pathway. Banish those negative thoughts that "I can't do it", "I am a failure", "I don't have any willpower", "I never can commit to systems, " "this won't work for me" and instead think thoughts that a successful woman would think, imagine I am feeling the way a successful woman feels.

Christine uses an example in today's lesson of imagining that you have a big steel door in your home that you go out all the time. It opens to scenery you know, a perspective you are familiar with, the way you go every day. She asks us to imagine ripping it out and moving that door to a new place in the house - opening up to a whole different set of scenery, a different perspective, a new path out.

My aha moment is that this is exactly the recurring dream I've had for many many years. This must be my subconscious/the universe trying to tell me to try a different path, look at things differently! All this time and I've not been listening to it. At least not understanding what it was trying to tell me.

The dream always is that I am starting somewhere familiar - a house, an airport, a hotel - but forgot something I have to go back for before I can go where ever it was I was headed (to a flight, a bus, a meeting). This might be a bag, a person, my purse, a favorite jacket. The problem is that all the doors and pathways back are different and I can't get back to where I left the item - I open a door I've never seen and there is a pool there I didn't know existed and people I haven't seen in a long time. I get in an elevator but it goes somewhere entirely different than where I thought it went. It's not a scary dream so much as a frustrating one.

I think what I need to do in my dream and in my life is explore these new pathways, these different perspectives. Meet the people in the rooms I didn't know existed and let it roll the way the universe (and ultimately I) intend it. Stop worrying if I miss the flight or am late for the meeting and open up to whatever else is out there.

So hold on - this is going to be one heck of a ride!!

p.s. If you haven't heard of Christine Kane, go check out her blog, listen to her music, sign up for her ezine or one of her Uplevel Programs. I'm only one of the people she is helping to uplevel and the testimonials from hundreds others are equally as powerful. Feel that vibration in the universe? It's Christine calling you.


Elaine said...

Yay for you! This program is totally awesome and it completely changes my life :-) Go girl go! :)

Ruth Davis said...

How exciting, Kathy! what an amazing connection you have made within yourself. I am so excited for you and your journey!

Kathy said...

Elaine and Ruth - yes totally awesome and exciting! And the journey seems just to be beginning!! I feel so bolstered by all of you guys that exploring new pathways feels a lot less scary than in my dreams.

Christine Kane said...

I loved reading this, Kathy! And just know that your high level of awareness is the key thing that is bringing about transformation here. Take a deep breath - you're doing GREAT! (And pat yourself on the back for DOING the program!)

Stacey said...

Hi Kathy! Thank you SO much for a lovely and inspiring post! I am so excited for you and all of your aha's! I look forward to hearing more of them - so please keep sharing them at WAYA, too!

Kathy said...

Christine - it means so much to me that you would take the time to read and write on MY blog. You do so much for so many yet still make the time to show your peeps that you are there for them no matter what is going on in your own life. You never cease to inspire.

Stacey - I really enjoy reading about what others are appreciating and I thank you for giving us a place to do that. The collective WAYA is so much more powerful than just checking in on our own. You are making a difference in people's lives and the universe! How cool is that?!