Monday, May 04, 2009

Panzano on Sunday

Spring has sprung here in Tuscany. The flowers are beautiful - although we aren't yet sure what these hanging purple ones are called. David is demonstrating his vast viniculture and viticulture knowledge as he shows me how and why they've pruned the vines as they have in various spots. All in all a glorious trip so far. Had my first black truffle slices on pasta in Greve-in-Chianti today. Yum!
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Deborah said...

Oh how I wish we were there at Ripertoli. By the way the purple flower in your picture is wisteria, a climber that takes around 10 years to flower but the goes on growing for decades. Have fun. Deborah

Kathy said...

We wish you were here too! Thanks for identifying the Wisteria. It is is so beautiful and smells divine! Splurged on the full magnificent tasting dinner with pairings at Osteria di Passignano last night. Thanks for the suggestion to go there.