Friday, January 16, 2009

Birds and Wildlife!

It really works! The Will Bill's Bird Feeder David put up keeps squirrels away and birds are flocking to it. Look at everybody sharing the ports and waiting in the bushes or on the ground for their turn. We have bluejays and cardinals and finches and chickadees and downy woodpeckers and flickers and doves probably so many more! It went up when we weren't here to watch the squirrels trying it early on but we occasionally see one trying again - they get a small shock from a battery that "electrifies" the top and bottom plates. It doesn't bother the birds at all but any sort of critter will get a shock. So they try and then leap off!

I am also wishing I could have seen all the wildlife that made all these wonderful tracks in the snow last night. I did catch a doe munching on the feed block David put down but apparently she called in the crowd overnight.

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