Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's a veritable winter wonderland!! A truly Christmasey, Currier and Ives scene out there. And a cosy one in here snuggling up to the fire. Having our power restored after 6 days made us appreciate the little things so much more and even though we have around 2 feet of snow now, we are all happy it is not ice!!

The birds are grateful to David for dutifully filling their feeders and the squirrels are pysched that he got them a feed block. The nuthatches, cardinals, finches, bluejays, titmice, red bellied and downy woodpeckers and others are all out there merrily munching on seeds.

Weather like this brings out the best in people. We all banded together as neighbors and helped each other out - David took his chainsaw on the road to cut up trees that were blocking people's driveways and after he finished plowing us out he took a few swipes up and down the neighbors drives too. Neighbors responded with fresh baked cookies, invites over for home cooked meals, showers, and lots more. We stocked up on goodies at the store and expect to hole up here for a few days making soup, roasts, chili and other comfort foods to get us through this latest storm.

The fact that we don't have gutters is making the icicle experience one worthy of showing off. We are getting teased by David's sister in San Diego about our "enjoyment" of the four seasons ... but today reminds us why we do love it!!

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