Monday, June 16, 2008

More rafters and inside walls

New rafters and beams are up and they've started framing of some of the inside walls. In these photos you can see the ceilings in the great room, our bedroom (with attic space behind it), and David showing me where the laundry room, powder room and master bathroom fixtures are going. In this one, he's standing in the new shower. You can tell it's the master bath because of the new acryline tub we've gotten installed!! Can't wait to put that to good use! Today Les Craig came out to officially measure the kitchen space and match it up to his designs with Jim Hollister, our general contractor. Today the hardy board siding was delivered and the cement guy is coming this week so that should make for some more good pictures coming soon! The last photo is of St Francis looking out from behind the hasta. Soon we'll be able to see more of him - after the deer turn it into hasta salad like they do every year after the hasta flowers bloom.

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