Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Moving Day!!

OMG. It's finally here. Moving day is Thursday October 11th. The new floors look great in the rental house and we've up to our eyeballs in boxes over here. We're far from done but it feels great to actually be moving this adventure along. We called to get the phone and direct TV and insurance switched over and the guys are here right this moment to plan out the shrub, tree and plant removal/relocation so the excavator can come do his thing. Thanks to my trusty melatonin, I am sleeping through the night and all the stresses I wrote of in past blogs seem a thing of the past! We made lists back then of all the things that were keeping me up at night and yesterday were able to check off the very last things and throw out the lists!! What a great feeling. I need to stop procrastinating the rest of the packing so I'll be going now....more later after we're in the new place.