Friday, September 07, 2007

Renovation Update

Well, we're still not moved into the rental house but things are ever creeping along. We've all but settled on the contractor (need to work with the architect to bring the costs down a bit before it's a go), we have the loan money to get started, and the rental house is almost ready for prime time. Wonderful ServiceMaster swooped in and cleaned out the place - two dumpsters full of carpets, furniture and sheet rock later it is now mold free and no cat smell. Our chosen contractor for our house has been over to the rental and is sizing the floor job now. With any luck, we'll be in sometime this month! of course, we have a little packing to still do --- like most of it. Friends and neighbors are helping with boxes but the lack of a deadline to be out has us feeling under-motivated to pack them. We're hoping to kick it up a notch by the end of the month........more updates to come.